Step Out. Step Forward. Step Up.

First post. I finally did it. You don’t know how longĀ I have been thinking about doing this blog and how long it took me to finally pull the trigger.

What was stopping me? Fear of course. Fear of failure. Fear of putting out something that was bad. Fear of releasing something that people didn’t like. Let’s be honest, it was just plain old fear.

Luckily, I am no longer letting that fear control me. I am stepping out of my comfort zone because that is where the magic happens. I am stepping forward into a future where I become the best version of me I can be. And I am stepping up to the challenge of doing something and doing something well.

My encouragement to you would be the same. What dream has been stewing in your soul for weeks, months, or maybe even years? You know what I am talking about. That dream that has been too frightening to even voice. Take a step and see what happens. You never know until you try.

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