You Are What You Say You Are

I was in church last Sunday and the lead pastor of my church Erwin McManus was speaking a great word. He stated in his message that, “You will find in the world what you are looking. If you are looking for darkness, you will find darkness. If you are looking for life and hope, you will find life and hope.”

How powerful. We can really affect our worlds by the paradigm that we see them through. In the same way, we can really affect our bodies and our lives by the way we view ourselves. As Lupe Fiasco so eloquently sings in his song Superstar, “You are who you say you are…” and guess what, you really are.

So that brings up the question, “Who are you?” I know in my life I can truly believe that I am a beautiful, compassionate, driven, fun, capable woman that is loved and valued. But there are also days/weeks when I believe that I am the opposite: an unloved, undesirable, fat, ugly, and alone little girl. How funny that I can see myself in two polar opposite ways in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes. I can look in the same mirror wearing the same clothes and see two completely different people. Maybe you can relate.

And the effect of my view of myself is powerful. If I see that beautiful, driven, fun, capable woman. I live the life of a beautiful, driven, fun, and capable woman. I am bold and courageous. I am caring and generous. I am active and healthy. I exude beauty on the inside and out.

But when I am that lonesome, insecure little girl, my life reflects my being. I am scared and withdrawn, unhealthy and lacking drive. My life becomes hours of Netflix and pizza and ice cream, and workouts become non-existent. I lose my site of my dreams and lean in to complacency and settling. And I don’t like it.

So who are you?

Really think before you answer the question because whatever you say, you are right.

Maybe you genuinely don’t know who you are and cannot answer that question. Then answer this: Who do you want to be? Not what, but who. And again, remember, whatever you say, you will be right.

We have all failed. We have all fallen short. We have all felt that our character, drive, and success have amounted to nothing. But what we must realize and truly believe is that we are not defined by our shortcomings, however enormous they might seem. You are not defined by failures and wrongdoings. We are created in God’s image and loved by Him unconditionally. Not because we do the right things or succeed in the right ways, but because we are us. I am me. You are you. And that is enough.

That being said. Dream of the person you want to be and be that person. I’m not saying believing that you are a size 2 will make you a size 2 overnight or that believing you are a millionaire will put a million dollars into your pocket. But believing that you are a healthy and well person will open your eyes and healthy options and lead you to wellness. Believing that you are a financially prepared individual will lead you to make decisions and look for opportunities to increase your wealth. Will I ever have a six-pack? Who knows. But if I believe that I am a person dedicated to health and wellness, I know my perspective on food, exercise, and lifestyle will reflect it.

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