A Conversation On a Plane

As I boarded the plane from Barcelona to Frankfurt, I quickly glanced at my ticket: 49D. “Great, I’m an aisle!” I thought to myself excitedly. I vaguely recalled choosing aisle seats for my flights and was pleased that so far, I was correct in my recollection. 46, 47, 48, 49. As I approached my seat,… Continue reading A Conversation On a Plane

Strength in Reaching Out

It was 3PM on the 4th of July as I plopped onto the couch of my apartment, exhausted. I had spent the morning practicing Pilates and part of me was good with what I had accomplished for the day. I told myself that I didn’t need to have plans for the 4th,. I didn’t need… Continue reading Strength in Reaching Out

The Act of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving used to be my least favorite holiday. I was never a fan of the food and there were no costumes or presents or egg-hiding rabbits.That only redeeming quality of Thanksgiving was the fact that is was a reminder that Christmas was a mere month away. Luckily, I have gained a better appreciation for the… Continue reading The Act of Thanksgiving